About Us

Aspry Bichons was founded in 2003 when we got our first “little white fluffy dog”, a pure bred Bichon Frise. Our girls were 7 and 2 years old, and having a puppy was their dream. Ginger loved being treated like a doll, and tolerated all of their childhood antics. Unfortunately, Ginger was sick and lived to be just 13 months old. We were desperate to replace her and so lucky that we had chosen a reliable and reputable breeder who sought out a litter of puppies to ensure we could get a healthy Bichon back into our home quickly.

We brought Gidget home three months later with an agreement that we would send her out with a handler to be shown. While Gidget was gone, we felt the loss of Ginger all over again and when we learned of a litter of puppies in Indiana, I hopped on the next flight to pick up another show quality puppy. We named our new little girl Zoe and once we finished her championship, she gave us our first litter of puppies. We discovered that breeding puppies was an amazing experience for our family and it was decidedly our new family hobby.

One of our daughters, Chadley, is now in college, and the other, Rachel, lives at home and attends high school. Both Chadley and Rachel were involved in Junior Handling. Rachel showed some of our Bichons to their championships. They are extremely passionate dog owners and are a HUGE part of the development of our litters.

As for my husband and I…we have become crazy dog people. We enjoy the competition of the showing, we enjoy the nurturing of the litters, and we enjoy the togetherness that these dogs bring to our family. In our non-dog life, we own and operate Denver’s construction supply superstore, aka Contractors Supply, Inc., a retail supplier of construction tools and supplies for the commercial contractor in Denver and the Colorado Front Range.