Crate Training

Bichon’s need a place to call their own-we highly recommend crate training, and will begin the process before your puppy goes home. Crate training is important to provide a safe place for your dog to go to get away. Dogs instinctively like a den like environment, and as your puppy is still developing the crate will be extremely helpful in potty training. To begin training, you will need a crate that is not too large, just big enough to stand up and turn around in. This generally means you will need to buy two crates in the next year as your puppy grows. The smaller crate works quite well even after your puppy grows up for short trips to the groomer or the veterinarian, and we stress that it is important to keep your Bichon safe in the car-accidents happen. The crate will be most comfortable with a pad in the bottom, and those pads wear out with use and washings. Like our own bedding, they need to be washed frequently. We also like to train our Bichon’s to eat in their crate. We advocate for scheduling feedings, rather than free feeding your Bichon. This practice will help with potty training, as you will know that your puppy needs to go out within an hour after eating. It is a good healthy practice for life, and will help you detect any changes in eating habits.