Energy and exercise

Bichon’s love to run and play, and they need regular exercise-even if it is a short walk on a lead a couple of times each day and/or being able to run and play in a fenced yard. Making sure your Bichon has plenty of play time and love will help avoid separation anxiety which leads to incessant barking and chewing. Bichon’s are fast, and at least one of ours has been known to catch and kill rabbits in our yard. Bichon’s have no idea that they are white and should stay clean. They will splash in puddles, roll in the mud (or anything that smells), and they have no issue with any of it. It’s part of the sturdiness of their breed standard. Bichon’s, like other pets, do not realized that coyotes can be dangerous-pet owners must be vigilant in areas where coyotes are present. A coyote can easily jump over a 6’ fence and take your Bichon. In addition, birds such as hawks, owls and eagles to name a few, may also try to grab your Bichon so it is important that you not leave them unsupervised.