Your Bichon will need regular grooming. If you are in the south Denver area, we recommend Julie Rosa with Uptown Pups. We can provide her contact information. We know many groomers all around the country, so please ask us if you need a referral. We suggest scheduling your puppy for grooming every four weeks beginning as soon as vaccinations are complete. You can expect to pay around $50.00-$75.00 for your groomer to bathe, brush, dry, and trim nails provided you are on a regular schedule. At around 18 months, your puppy will start getting thicker hairs, known as guard hairs, to help hold his coat. This coat change can be hard to manage and may require more frequent grooming, but certainly will require more diligent brushing to prevent mats. You will need your own brush and comb. Our favorite brush is the Mark VI medium curved slicker brush from Chris Christiansen /pet-grooming- show-dog- and-cat-slicker-brushes- .aspx

We like the 20mm Chris Christiansen pin brush for the tail-it helps keep the hair from breaking to use a pin brush.

And for a comb we like the #000 7 ½” buttecomb- which is a combination of fine and coarse teeth for multiple uses.