Tear Stains

You will also need to make time to keep your Bichon’s eyes clean and dry. Bichon’s tend to have moist tears, and as the fur gets wet beneath the eye, they can have red staining. It is normal, but can be managed. We suggest the Bichon be wipe with a clean wipe at least daily to remove any “goopy stuff” and keep the fur dry. We have found that a contact lens solution with the ingredient polyhexmethylene biguanide on a cosmetic round works very well for cleaning and controlling bacteria. Running a humidifier in the dryer climates can help Bichon’s with tear staining, as well. We have found that a diet free from artificial colors, and grains can also help prevent tear stains. If these basic goodpractices don’t work, please let us know and we can make other suggestions for severe tear stains.